James Outlook Plugin

With the Outlook plugin of JAMES you are able to access JAMES directly from the Microsoft software. From now on you can create your appointments as usual and extend them with the various functions that our visitor management offers you.

Conveniently book a room in a branch of your choice and add the resources already created, such as projectors or catering, directly. Choose necessary file attachments or send your instructions directly with your booking. All of this is now very easy with just one click.

You can also define the check-in process directly with the invitation. For example, does the visitor have to go through certain checklists on arrival or departure and do you as the host want to be notified when your guest arrives at reception? You can also use the Outlook plug-in to create internal notes and a description of the appointment at the time of the invitation.

All selected settings will be transferred directly to JAMES when your invitation is completed and can be viewed there. An immense time saving without the hassle of fiddling with another software and seamlessly integrated into your familiar workflow.