METASEC remote maintenance and remote support

For quick help with questions or software problems, we use the TeamViewer remote maintenance tool. This allows us remote access to your system and your computer. This makes it much easier for us to troubleshoot together with you and help you set up the system.

Quick Support Tool

Simply download our Quick Support Assistant. This is packaged as a .zip file and must be unpacked after downloading.

Simply double-click the packaged folder (located in your download folder) or right-click and select File/Unzip. If necessary, open the folder and double-click on the TeamViewer icon. The software will now start and can be used. Please tell us the session code so that we can now access your system.

In order to gain remote access and be able to provide you with comprehensive assistance, please tell us your session code and your name. You will find these in the dialog box directly after opening the wizard. (see screenshot)