The metaSEC offers a comprehensive service concept. This is divided into different, below mentioned topics. In addition to general product support to extended support and Service Level Agreements (SLA) concluded directly through us or one of our partners.

Based on our project experience we are also often to help with problems and issues of external systems. For special or complex issues in the Linux / open source software please do not hesitate to contact our support.

METASEC product support

Of course, we assist you with problems about our products via e-mail or telephone. You will quickly receive competent help and support in solving problems. Of course we are available to advise you.

Please try to describe the problem as precisely as possible (product, version, patch level, possibly other products that still come into consideration circumstances, reproducibility, etc.). Our ticket system can be reached at support@metasec.de. If necessary, a call from one of our technicians is done.


In our wiki you can find documentation on our products and answers to common questions from our users. In addition, the Wiki and »Best Practice« reports and the latest software downloads.

METASEC remote maintenance and remote support

If you want a remote maintenance or direct support of your screen you can to use our remote maintenance client.