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Secure visitor management for retirement homes, hospitals and care facilities

Logo_JamesThe current Corona crisis reveals the need for sustainable and reliable visit recording and coordination. The focus here is on the health of staff and, of course, patients. For this purpose, area balancing as well as visitor recording is essential (as well as, in some cases, querying for COVID-19 vaccination or testing status).

Furthermore, the current situation requires a system in which processes can be quickly adapted to regulatory requirements, even across individual sites. In addition, data protection requirements must be implemented in compliance with the law.

But also for everyday life, away from crises, a special level of security is required in the management of visitors, especially in retirement homes, hospitals and care facilities.

As a tool for digitizing your processes, JAMES ensures a secure visitor experience that is consistent at every location and provides legal certainty and seamless processes on the operator side.

The most important functions for interlocked process management

In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is naturally required. Therefore, we attached great importance to the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our visitor management system.

Area balancing for compliance with regulatory requirements

Rapid response to legal changes and implementation of process workflows

Process reliability for the operator and thus better controllable and uniform quality management

Process software suitable for multisite and branch operations

Consistent and structured visitor experience regardless of branch and location

Company-wide, standardized enforcement of new process workflows

Data protection compliance (GDPR and DSGVO) for legally compliant data processing e.g. of all visitor data


Protection of the client and the staff by structuring the visit processes

Real-time data of people on the site and also overview of all sites

Keeping social contacts in times of crisis by monitoring the visitation processes

Ensuring operator responsibility through digital and auditable process management

Audit-proof reporting on the number of visitors, visiting times and on check-in and check-out

Cloud-based plug-and-play processes for real-time management even across different locations

The perfect tool for digitization: transformation away from manual to digital processes

Visitor management in the Corona crisis:

Enable contacts, minimise risks

The current Corona crisis reveals the need for sustainable and reliable visit recording and coordination. The focus here is on the health of the employees and, of course, the patients.

According to the current Bundestag resolution of 03.09.2021, the right to query vaccination status now also applies to employers in particularly sensitive areas. These include, in particular, daycare centers, schools, partially and fully inpatient care facilities and facilities for the disabled, as well as shelters for the homeless and asylum seekers, and also prisons. From now on, vaccination status may be recorded here, for example, using the RKI’s CovPass app.

To make this uncomplicated, fast and efficient, we have implemented a recognition of the vaccination certificate QR codes in JAMES. In combination with the appropriate hardware, processes can thus be established in a short time that significantly increase the safety of patients and employees.

Scan and verify vaccination certificate via QR code

Learn more about the hardware for scanning the COVID-19 vaccination certificate

With our controller you get the possibility to process QR code vaccination certificates directly at turnstiles, barriers or other entrance controls. The controller is connected to the network via IPv4 and IPv6 and can interact with various access control solutions from different manufacturers. In this way, the 3G or 2G rule can be quickly and easily integrated into your processes.

QR Code Erfassung von COVID Impfnachweisen
Sciherheit für Altenheime und Pfelegeeinrichtungen

Process management for clinics, homes and social institutions

Digitisation as an opportunity

Find out how you can use JAMES as a tool for digitalisation and what added value digital process management can offer you – even beyond the COVID19 pandemic.

Checked in with security

Verify the vaccination status of your guests directly at the kiosk system

Check the vaccination status of your visitors directly at check-in. For this purpose, our kiosks have an integration of the CovPass app of the RKI. Visitors scan the QR code of the vaccination certificate directly from the app at the visitor kiosk and the software checks the validity of the vaccination status in seconds. This is a proven way to play it safe and avoid liability issues.

If you want to learn more about the pandemic processes that can be mapped with JAMES, please visit our website on this topic.

QR-Code Scanner für EU COVID19-Impfzertifikate