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With JAMES- the visitor management system you manage and coordinate all stages of the visitor process – from the invitation and check-in to the guest’s check-out. In addition, the software allows you to control all the processes associated with the visit, such as workflows for the preparation of the meeting room, instruction management, parking management, digital employee and visitor recording, in-house navigation and even the targeted alerting of people if necessary.

Get your own impression of the many possibilities of our visitor management software JAMES.

JAMES – Viva la Process!

Logo_JamesOur visitor management software JAMES has grown and perfected over the last few years in close cooperation with leading security and facility service providers. The digitization of security and service processes has always been at the forefront of our development.

Of course, it is always about the visitor or rather the visiting process. Someone is invited, arrives, has to orientate himself, is received, stays on the premises and finally leaves again. All these stages are linked to processes that, in our opinion, a modern visitor management system should coordinate and bundle in order to support both the employee and the guest and facilitate the stay.

We have therefore adapted JAMES to the modern working environment and the conditions of industry 4.0. High compatibility with existing hardware and common standards, such as a connection to the Microsoft Active Directory and an Outlook integration, ensures easy implementation in your business processes.


In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a natural connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is required. That’s why we have attached great importance to the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our visitor management system.

Browser-based visitor management software to manage all visitor processes

Online platform for visitors to independently register, manage appointments and upload documents in advance, etc.

Connection to various access control systems such as Siemens (SIPORT), Lenel, Stanley PAC, Honeywell, etc.

Printing of visitor badges and connection to various badge printers (manufacturer-independent)

Web app for visitor pre-registration via mobile devices. Visitors can log on from anywhere and from any device.

Training and instruction at the kiosk terminal or in the web portal to ensure operational reliability

Key management and management of additional access media

Outlook Plugin for a simple, Office compliant workflow

Connection to Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication and synchronization of
Users and Groups

Data protection conformity (General Data Protection Regulation GDPR) for your business processes – completely without clipboard and Excel tables

Reporting and notification of number of visitors, visiting times and check-in and check-out, e.g. by e-mail or SMS

Kiosk systems for autonomous reception / as digital gatekeepers (self check-in, information and visitor panels)

Processes, Processes and Processes

Here you can see a timeline in which we have illustrated an exemplary visitor process. The simplest case in which a visitor is invited to an appointment and comes to your premises is shown here.

The entire process results from the interaction between our visitor management software JAMES and the (security) staff on site. The alarm and evacuation areas are also represented by our software solutions ROGER and MIDAS, which can be seamlessly integrated into JAMES. Thus, in addition to the visitor process, a complete security concept can also be implemented.

You would like to learn more about the visitor management JAMES and experience the possibilities of the application? Take a look at our animated JAMES story. Here you can find out more about the processes such as visitor support, in-house navigation and alarm and evacuation.

More examples in the form of further timelines, e.g. for the logistics process or hotdesking, can be found in our brochure “Simply Establish Processes”.

Process example: The standard process / A visitor is invited to an appointment


With our visitor management JAMES we have tried to think the process of visitor management in detail to the end. In addition, the ubiquitous security perspective is a factor that makes JAMES unique. In general, however, we see visitor management as a series of different processes. Process management is therefore the basis for JAMES. And it is precisely this basis that opens up numerous possibilities that can also be used in a wide variety of industries and vertical markets. We call this “creative misappropriation”.

But it is precisely these interesting challenges that constantly create new functions and features, making JAMES unique. We have summarized some of these unique selling propositions here.

Zone management
Creation and management of various zones on one site, e.g. for different safety instructions per zone

Creation and administration of workflows for appointments, resources and visitors for e.g. room preparation, catering, etc.

Room and resource management
Create and manage rooms and book resources for appointments such as projector, catering, tools, etc.

Key management
Management of keys and other access media such as visitor badges and access badges

Car management
Creation and management of vehicles and drivers Assignment of several drivers to vehicles and vice versa

Parking management
Creation and administration of parking spaces and parking spaces as well as allocation to individual persons and appoinatments

Connection to our alarm server ROGER and alarming via voice mail, SMS, e-mail, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Evacuation and assembly points
Active assembly point for evacuation with self check-in with control desk dashboards, info panels and emergency conferences (also between the individual assembly points)

Management for logistics processes
Management of warehouses, loading ramps, waiting areas as well as access roads and paths and connection to ERP systems and video analysis

Multilingual Translation
Reduction of communication hurdles at reception by the translation software JAMESlingo or the dialog system JAMESdialog

Identity management
Connection of biometric and document scanners and query in databases for verification of identity

Digital Signage
Use of screens for orientation and evacuation Infoscreen e.g. as bulletin board, canteen plan and welcome screen, etc.

Welcome to reception 2.0

“Gone are the days of clipboards and the like – we welcome you to Reception 2.0! Here, data protection and compliance are written in capital letters. In addition, JAMES offers your employees and your visitors a sophisticated visitor management solution that streamlines processes and turns a visit into a service experience.

Receive and greet: terminals and screens for almost every environment

No matter whether completely digitalised or semi-autonomised reception – with our kiosk systems and terminals you are optimally positioned. Our first priority is to find the optimal solution for your needs. Do you, for example, need a particularly robust system for outdoor use at the truck entrance or do you just want to welcome your visitors duly? For every application we have systems at hand that do justice to these tasks.

Web app for visitor pre-registration

With our web app for pre-registration of visitors we are breaking new ground in the field of visitor management. From now on it is possible to register as a visitor from anywhere and via any mobile device. Of course, the appearance of the app can be completely adapted to your corporate design in order to offer the visitor the highest possible level of identification with your company.

The visitor is guided through the application in a few, simple steps. We have attached great importance to a native and as self-explanatory as possible guidance through the individual operating steps.

After registration is completed, the host will of course be notified immediately by e-mail in the usual “JAMES manner” and has the option of accepting the appointment or rejecting it if necessary. The administration of the dates as well as an overview of these will of course continue to take place via the JAMES host portal.

With the JAMES App for visitor pre-registration you offer your visitors a further modern service around the simple and uncomplicated visit.


Our rental and hosting platform allows quick access to visitor management. Not only do you save costs when purchasing licenses and hardware, but you can also establish new processes at short notice and without a great deal of lead time. Visitors are able to register themselves via the online platform or complete training courses and briefings before their visit. This saves time and relieves your reception.

The central data storage allows users with distributed branches to host JAMES centrally and make them available to all users. This allows you to manage and coordinate appointments at a central location. No matter whether public, private or hybrid – depending on your individual needs or your IT policy, various cloud variants are available. Our transparent rental model gives you full cost control at all times.

Central data storage

Customers with distributed offices can host JAMES centrally and make them available to all users.

Easy integration and connection

other internal IT processes (access control, ERP systems, Outlook, Active Directory, etc.)

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

JAMES can be hosted in different ways according to your individual needs or your IT policy.

Full cost control

at any time through transparent rental model

Customizing / White Label

JAMES are also available as white label version. Here you have e.g. space for your company logo or other adaptations.

Browser-based visitor management software

for the administration of all visitor processes

Online platform for visitors

for independent registration, appointment management and for uploading documents in advance, etc.

Ad-hoc implementation

of visitor processes tailor-made according to your requirements and needs

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