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Manage events, conferences and meetings

Digital process management with a focus on security


Whether it’s a company party, in-house exhibition, shareholders’ meeting, concert, party or congress – with our JAMES visitor management system, you can plan and track the processes involved from start to finish.

For this purpose, a whole range of functions are available to you that facilitate the management of visitors and digitize and simplify processes. Our interactive kiosk systems, for example, facilitate the check-in process and enable visitors to check in and out independently.

But the focus here is not only on visitor management. Organizational processes such as room management, parking space management and resource booking can also be planned and handled with JAMES. And in the event of an emergency, there are even alarm and evacuation functions available.

In this way, you not only ensure the smooth planning and coordination of your event, but also the comprehensive safety of your guests.

The most important features for your event management process

In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is naturally required. Therefore, we attached great importance to the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our visitor management system.

Self Check-in Terminals

Our self check-in terminals (kiosk systems) are equipped with a full-touch display and a QR code reader. Optionally, a reader for access control or an intercom unit as well as cameras can be connected. Of course, there is a multilingual welcome screen for the guest, which can also display things like terrain maps, contact information, videos and much more. Thus, the terminal can also be used as an information terminal during the event.

Invitations / Event Module

Of course, event invitations can also be handled via JAMES. To do this, you simply import your list of participants into JAMES using the event module. The software automatically creates the respective contacts. They can then be invited by mail and receive a QR code for check-in, a calendar file (ICal, Outlook, Google Calendar) and directions together with the invitation. Optionally, you can also send marketing materials, the event program or other information of your choice.

Workflow module

The workflow module allows you to coordinate, control and monitor workflow processes. If you are planning an event, for example, this process is made up of various sub-processes. For example, rooms have to be prepared and catering ordered and set up. The module can be used to define so-called show stoppers. This means that the process does not continue until the corresponding task has been completed. This means, for example, that if the room has not yet been prepared, the catering cannot be set up. The processes and sub-processes are visible to every employee and thus help to simplify coordination with the entire team.

Room booking

See which rooms are available at which time and simply book them for your appointment. Furthermore, you can also use this function to directly book the appropriate resources such as catering or additional seating. A view into the room is also possible through stored image or video material. So you can decide in advance whether this room is sufficient for your project.

Resources booking

With this function you can easily book resources to your appointment or event. By resources, however, we don’t just mean the beamer or the flipchart, but practically anything can be specified as a resource if it makes sense for your process. For example, window sills can also be booked as such to an appointment with the window cleaners. This way, everyone with a window sill is automatically notified when the cleaning company is in the house and can clear the window sills ahead of time.

Parking management

Managing resources such as parking spaces is an integral part of our visitor management. With JAMES, you can allocate parking spaces completely individually and for a limited period of time, and maintain an overview of the utilization of your parking space at all times. Added bonus: The visitor/vendor does not have to drive around unnecessarily in search of a free parking space. This relaxes the traffic situation on your premises and also ensures a good feeling for your guest.

Guidance systems

Thanks to MIDAS, our software for mobile information distribution, most screens (even those already attached) can be converted into an active guidance system. This is not only beneficial for the orientation of your guests, in case of alarm and evacuation it can literally save lives. In the event of an evacuation, for example, the individual screens can be equipped with pictograms to indicate escape routes and guide people to the assembly point by the quickest route. Of course, they can also be used for orientation, e.g. on a festival site.


Rapid and comprehensive evacuation of guests and staff can sometimes be difficult. To counteract this, our systems are networked with each other (integrated solutions). This means that information about the number and location of guests and personnel on your premises can be transmitted directly to MIDAS by JAMES. In this way, you can ensure that even people who are not familiar with the location can be notified and evacuated in the event of an alarm. In addition, our assembly point solutions and our control system provide you with further options for evacuation.


Our software systems are strongly interlocked and thus offer various advantages. For example, our alarm server ROGER, which reliably alarms guests, employees and external companies on your premises in connection with our visitor management and the respective access control. The reason for the alarm can be manifold. Various alarm options are available for every alarm case – be it fire alarm or bomb threats as well as in case of assaults, amok or terror alarm.

Process example: Event management

On this page you will find a timeline in which we have mapped an event management process as an example. This already starts with the planning and continues with the invitation up to the follow-up in the form of accounting of the cost centers, etc..

The entire process results from the interaction between our visitor management software JAMES and other software modules such as alerting and evacuation, which are also available as JAMES modules.

You can find more examples in the form of further timelines in our brochure „Processes close to the people”. Here we show in numerous process examples learned in practice, different application areas – from logistics to the management of external companies.

To obtain this brochure, simply click on the button below on this page and download the brochure as a PDF.