SEP – Secure Encryption Proxy


  • Can be looped
  • Provisioning and management via console MZF
  • Status monitoring
  • Relief in support
  • Bypassing local firewalls
  • Encapsulation of traffic


With our Secure Encryption Proxy we address two problems of modern network and infrastructure management. Firstly, the safe transport of plaintext data about customers and public networks, on the other hand access to IP devices in remote networks in support cases.

The main advantage of the SEP module is that connections from the inside to the outside are constructed. Thus, to bypass problems with NAT and complex Firewall rules. All communication is done via a SSL encrypted tunnel. The data stream can also be passed through an HTTP proxy if required and again facilitates integration in the remote network.

Through the use of the SEP module within your infrastructure, not only all relevant data of other data flow is seperated, you also get access to devices behind the Encryption Proxy, as you would on the local LAN. An invaluable advantage in the daily support.

SEP is available in various form factors. In the smallest version, the module can even be installed behind a station. The other party makes always a MZF Server.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your idea with us. A solution is often easier and closer than you think …