MIDAS – Assembly Point

Safe evacuation and localization

Logo_MidasDuring evacuation on larger grounds, it usually causes difficulties to precisely localize/asses personnel/staff and visitors at their assembly points. The idea of an active assembly point solves this necessity easily and customized.

Regular employees register themselves using their access-control-IDs or time-recording transponders at the assembly point. Visitors scan a QR-Code or use a manual button/key access at the terminal.

The visualization of the recorded data is sent in real-time to third party systems.


  • Area maps
  • Dynamic marking
  • Digital signage
  • QR Code reader
  • Phone book feature

James – Self check-in for trucks

Against the Babel mixture of languages

Logo_JamesThe transportation industry is defined by multilingualism and 24-hours-cycles. To circumvent the necessity of personnel around the clock, we offer the option for a self check-in terminal

  • Support of multilingualism
  • Briefing of/ instruction of/familiarization with local emergency guidelines
  • Easy application due to QR-Code based tickets
  • Connection to barrier/bar, baffle gates, etc.


  • Steering of visitor flows
  • Self check-in terminal support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Come/go- check lists
  • Connection/Linkage to access control systems
  • Welcome screens

* The terminal may be equipped with a QR-Code scanner, a voice terminal, or a touch panel. With standard delivery solely a regular reader for access control is installed.