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Alerting and evacuation with JAMES

Safety for employees and customers

Logo_JamesAmok runs or terrorist attacks on so-called “soft targets” such as shopping malls are increasing dramatically worldwide. The responsible operators are required to implement solutions to protect their properties.

In this context, an evacuation is an individual and complex process. In particular, non-local persons such as suppliers and visitors always represent the weakest links in the process chain. As a rule, they are not familiar with the site and do not know where the assembly points are located, nor are they familiar with the correct behavior in the event of a building evacuation. Therefore, it is particularly important to take these people by the hand or to include them concretely in an evacuation plan. You can meet this and many other requirements for a reliable evacuation with our digital assembly point solution.

In addition, with JAMES or the alarm module ROGER, we offer a fully comprehensive alarm server. Here are functions such as emergency conferences, silent or covert alarms and a multi-channel alerting some of the features that save lives in an emergency.

If you have any questions about our products, please use the contact form or just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you!

The most important functions at a glance

In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is naturally required. Therefore, we have placed particular emphasis on the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our software.


Our software systems are strongly interlocked and thus offer various advantages. For example, our alarm server ROGER, which reliably alarms employees, visitors and external companies on your premises in connection with our visitor management and the respective access control. The reason for the alarm can be manifold. Various alarm options are available for every alarm case – be it fire alarm or bomb threats as well as in case of assaults, amok or terror alarm.


Quick and comprehensive evacuation of employees, contractors and visitors can sometimes be difficult. To counteract this, our systems are networked with each other (integrated solutions). This means that information about the number and location of visitors and outside companies on your premises can be transmitted directly to MIDAS by JAMES. In this way, you can ensure that people from outside the company can also be notified and evacuated in the event of an alarm. In addition, our assembly point solutions and our control system provide you with further options for evacuation.

Mobile control station

With the mobile control center, we provide you with an app for smartwatches that enables security staff to keep an eye on all security-related matters from anywhere on the premises. The app can be used to view cameras and alarm events, for example, as well as to control doors, barriers and lights. In addition, the app also ensures the safety of the employee by tracking the position and the so-called dead man function, which monitors the biometrics data of the guard.

Guidance systems

Thanks to MIDAS, our software for mobile information distribution, most screens (even those already attached) can be converted into an active guidance system. This is not only beneficial for the orientation of your visitors, in case of alarm and evacuation it can literally save lives. In the event of an evacuation, for example, the individual screens can be equipped with pictograms so that they indicate the escape routes and guide people to the assembly point by the quickest route.

Integration and connection of subsystems

EA connection of ROGER to 3rd party systems is of course possible. We support various hardware systems – from telephone systems and access control to cameras from various manufacturers. Basically, everything that has an interface can be connected.

Due to its modular structure, ROGER can be used as an integrated solution or as a supplement to existing solutions. The integration of your existing infrastructure (cameras, smoke detectors, digital signage) enables comprehensive alarming and evacuation and saves costs.

Press 2 R – The alarm button everywhere

As an extension to our alarm server, we offer the “press2R” alarm button. A small wireless IoT functional unit full of innovation. The main motivation behind the “press 2 R” concept was the difficulty to connect hidden buttons, buzzers or other triggers wired whether due to construction or cost reasons. Locally, the system only needs power. The connection to the outside world is either via the local WLAN or GSM.

“press 2 R” is designed for highest industrial demands. Not only the unit as such is permanently monitored. The triggering pushbutton is also tested cyclically via remote triggering. This monitoring process is an essential part of the product. Thus, the availability is guaranteed to a high degree.

Multi Channel Alerts

In times of advanced mobilization, ROGER reaches employees and customers alike via mobile devices – and in real time.

In the case of an alert, this means multi-channel alerting via all available channels. In the age of smartphones, these include announcements by phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter messages or so-called push messages, which can be routed directly to the smartphone via existing in-house apps. In addition, of course, the classic types of alerting such as alerting via telephone or announcements and signals are also supported.

Control center and emergency conferences

Of course, ROGER can be connected to the control stations of the fire department, police or a security service in order to mobilize emergency forces as quickly as possible in case of need. The relevant data is transmitted in real time. When the alarm is triggered via the telephone system or smartphone, the control center also has the option of listening into the room.

Likewise, emergency conferences are part of the standard repertoire of our alerting software. These enable the responsible crisis managers and security officers to coordinate and initiate emergency management measures in the shortest possible time.

Evaluation and reporting

The alarm server provides a full-fledged evaluation and analysis module. Furthermore, you receive consolidated overviews of the tactical dashboards with an evaluation of the parameters: When? Who? How long until the first acknowledgement? By which route?

Furthermore, ROGER offers a tactical panel for real-time visualization. In the event of an evacuation, you can see exactly which people have already been evacuated and which are still in the building.

Pandemic Management

With JAMES, you can also operate a pandemic management system. Features such as contact tracing, information management, safety briefings, and rapid feedback processes via web app help you stay on top of the situation. Covid vaccination cards and test QR codes can also be scanned at our kiosk systems. The system checks these for validity and, if desired, can even be linked to an access control or singling system.

Safe evacuation – with the metaSEC Assembly Point

Logo_MidasOn large sites, in the event of an evacuation, it is often difficult to reliably identify regular personnel and visitors at the designated assembly points. With the idea of the digital active assembly point, this need can be solved quite easily and accessible to the user.

Regular staff register at the digital collection point with their access control cards or time recording chips. Visitors, on the other hand, scan a QR code or use manual key entry at the evacuation terminal.

The visualization of the collected data can be transferred to third-party systems in real time. Comprehensive reporting on the evacuation also takes place. This helps in evaluating the measures initiated and can contribute to improving the evacuation concept.

A seamless workflow with access control, location determination of individual persons, escape route guidance systems and the possibilities of broadband alerting right up to check-in at the assembly point, ensure a fast and precise evacuation.

In addition to emergency conferences for the crisis team, which can be convened directly between the individual columns, the evacuation columns also have a direct link to the respective control center. Here, for example, recordings and logs can be viewed and directly evaluated.