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Desk sharing, Reboarding & Open Spaces

New strategies for digital transformation

Logo_JamesThe world of work is changing. Last but not least, the current pandemic has helped to change familiar structures and habits. This is forcing employers to create completely dynamic working environments within already existing structures. This is a challenge which we meet with the JAMES module “Hot Desking”. With this module we offer you a concentrate from the extensive standard of the JAMES software, which was designed exactly for these new challenges.

For example, JAMES supports you in reducing costs by providing a systematic overview of the utilization of your office space or workstations. This allows you to identify unnecessary vacancies early on and release unused rental space. Different challenges such as the registration of employees and visitors, space balancing to ensure distance rules, training and reboarding, etc. can be safely met with our Hot Desking module.

The most important buzzwords for the modern working world

In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is naturally required. Therefore, we attached great importance to the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our visitor management system.

Booking of workstations with individual equipment according to needs or activities

Online platform for employees for independent registration, appointment management and booking of resources and rooms

Web app for pre-registration via mobile devices. Employees can log on from anywhere and from any device.

Room and resource management for creating and managing rooms and booking resources

Parking space management for easy booking of parking spaces directly to the appointment on site

Cost savings through desk sharing through effective utilization of the actual available workstations

Reduction of costs by renting unused space and more efficient use of space, e.g. through open space concepts

Uniform and structured visitor experience regardless of branch and location

Creation of dynamic working environments in existing corporate structures

Increasing the attractiveness as an employer through a dynamic / flexible workplace

Visitor badges with connection to the access control system for autonomous or semi-autonomous access to buildings and rooms

RGPD compliant recording of employees and visitors to meet legal requirements

Digital signage for orientation and evacuation as well as information screen e.g. for notice board, canteen plan and welcome screen, etc.

Training and reboarding for employees and visitors at digital kiosk terminals or via the online portal

Safety-related process management including hygiene requirements and general safety standards

Process example: Mobile Working – the employee as visitor in his own company

On this page you will find a timeline in which we have illustrated an exemplary visitor process. The whole process is the result of the interaction between our visitor management software JAMES and other software solutions such as access control, etc. An alarm or evacuation can also be supported by JAMES if necessary. Thus, in addition to the visitor process, a complete security concept can be implemented – and all this with only one software. You can find more examples in the form of additional timelines in our brochure “Simply establish processes”. Here we show different application areas in numerous process examples learned in practice – from logistics to the management of external companies. To obtain this brochure, simply click on the button below on this page and download the brochure in PDF format.