VideoMPLEX – Multiplexer for SIP audio und video


Common usage scenarios:

  • Access Systems
  • Consoles
  • Door Stations
  • Proprietary Paging Systems
  • Monitoring Systems

The following video formats are supported:

  • H.264
  • H.263
  • H.263+
  • MPEG4


»Videomultiplexer« is a software product. It can be operated on a hardware server as well as a virtual instance.

VideoMPLEX allows the mixing of the audio signal of an independent station with the video of a stand-alone IP camera into a single standards-based SIP video call.

This is done in real time and can be transferred to conventional telephony systems as a trunk. Special mention deserves the very deep integration with the Cisco® Callmanager®. All video-enabled devices are supported.

Another highlight of the solution: it is possible to connect the video source during the active call. The control takes place either via DTMF or API calls from third-party applications.

When controling via DTMF tones, no dependency on a proprietary client arises. The server manages the switching of video sources completely independent.

As far as the system resources are designed accordingly, the system scales with no artificial limitations within the software. The number of cameras, intercoms and the resulting possibilities is not limited either.

The system can be managed centrally and are thus placed in a hosted data center as a network-wide service. This aspect is particularly important for large organizations.

The product VideoMPLEX can be operated as part of a software solution or as a stand-alone device on the network. The handover to a control station is also available as an option.

Through the use of H.264 as a standard codec, available bandwidth is used particularly efficiently.