In a globalized world, we encounter hurdles in communication every day. The Babylonian confusion of languages often leads to problems and hinders the orderly and efficient flow of processes. With JAMESlingo, we provide you with a tool with which you can solve these everyday problems – whether for your reception or multilingual supplier traffic.

The JAMESlingo product has now been merged into the JAMES product and is now available as a JAMES module. Please contact us for more information.

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JAMESlingo – Simply Translate

Visitor receptions at public authorities and companies as well as incoming goods (e.g. at logistics companies) are characterized by multilingualism and internationality. Every day, visitors and suppliers from different countries encounter problems and hurdles when communicating with in-house staff or employees at the gate/security reception. To overcome these hurdles and ensure smooth communication, we have expanded our visitor management system JAMES. JAMESlingo is the name of the latest module, which has been designed to eliminate the Babylonian confusion of languages.

Let’s take a client of a foreigners authority as an example: The client speaks neither German nor English and communication with the reception staff is therefore very difficult. This is where JAMESlingo comes into play. The staff only have to refer to the kiosk terminal at reception or to the mobile unit, e.g. in the form of a tablet. The client then simply selects their language and communication can begin. If the client now speaks into the integrated microphone or intercom system, the spoken text appears in real time in German on the receptionist’s monitor. Optionally, the text can also be played back in spoken form. The receptionist can then react and reply in written or spoken form.

Multilingual communication can be that simple.

As the name suggests, JAMESdialog stands for the simplified dialog between the reception staff and the foreign-language supplier / visitor. Unlike the successor module JAMESlingo, this module is based on a predefined catalog of questions and answers. This removes most of the stumbling blocks to effective communication. The questions and corresponding answer options are stored and linked in the system.

JAMESlingo: The most important functions at a glance

Translating conversations
Speech-to-text and text-to-speech
Optimized for touch displays: large buttons, clear interface
Welcome screens in local language
Currently around ten supported languages
Self check-in counter support
Two-part interface for “chat function”
Short response times

Against the Babylonian confusion of languages

To make communication as simple as possible, we at JAMESlingo have placed great emphasis on a clear and functional design. Large buttons, flexible font sizes and a clear interface promise easy handling. On the large touch display, which is standard on our terminals, you can enter texts using the touchscreen keyboard or spoken via microphone, and the translation takes only fractions of a second. With 10 languages already supported and good word recognition, nothing stands in the way of communication between a foreign supplier and the staff at the gate, for example.

It is also possible to manage several terminals centrally at one gate. The gatekeeper can conveniently manage all terminals from his workstation and can switch back and forth between the individual communication channels using a drop-down menu.