Our action against the recession: The digitization offer for all!

Digital reception kiosk incl. software and hosting for 36 months


Everyone is currently tightening their belts. Prices in the supply chains are rising, in some cases uncontrollably. Investments that are urgently needed are being postponed or abandoned altogether. Money can only be spent once.

We have actively thought about what our contribution can be to break this spiral a little.

Especially for this reason, we have put together a package for digitization – with a favorable price and to save further! By digitizing e.g. your reception services or parts of the plant security, you save monthly costs and incidentally gain service quality or legal security.

Simply visit our new JAMES online store and conveniently order our JAMES digitization package for an unbeatable 299,- Euro per month with a term of 36 months. The action is calculated with very pointed pencil and consequently limited in the total quantity. First come, first served. Ordered on Monday, ready for use on Friday. All our kiosk needs to live is electricity and some internet.

Of course, and this is important for us to note, digitization does not make sense at every position, nor is it about replacing every employee with a digital process. Nevertheless, digitization in the right places can optimize employee working hours and free up budgets.

Here is an example calculation:

Employee at the reception / plant security JAMES Kiosk
20,- € / hour for a 12 hour shift 1 KW / power usage for 24 hrs. operation (approx. 40 cents / day)
240,- € / Day Approx. 14,40 € / day (approx. 0,40 € for electricity and 14 € monthly fee / day)
5.040,- € / Month 307,40 € / month (8,40 € electricity and 299 € monthly flat rate)
55.200,- / Year 3.680,- € / year (92 € for electricity and 3.588 € monthly flat rate)