Now online – the configuration platform for our process management software JAMES

In the last few weeks, we have invested a lot of time and brainpower and launched the configuration platform jUniverse for you. With this platform, we would like to support you as a customer or partner and help you to find your way through the complex world of processes and features at JAMES or to better plan your own process and to better understand your personal requirements.

The configurator enables you to independently put together your own individual process management. Simply select the items that suit you from a list of questions. After completing the selection you will receive a detailed overview of which JAMES functions, modules and of course licenses are necessary for your process. You can now conveniently send this summary to us. Based on this database, we can now advise you specifically or make you a suitable offer directly.

In addition to the configurator, the newly created platform also serves as an information base. This way you can obtain information about the individual modules, such as the features contained in the module. All current data sheets on our products will be available in the library in the future. Under the item Hardware you will also find information and data sheets on the hardware we use.

Under the menu item Industry Solutions you will find in future ready-made packages that have been specially configured for certain areas of application. Planned are e.g. processes for pandemic scenarios as well as for construction site solutions and much more. Also planned is an assessment center, which will help you with targeted questions to determine the right process for you.

We hope that with Juniverse, we have given you a tool that will make it easier for you as a partner to work with us and help you as an end customer to better understand your processes and our product. We are of course always interested in your constructive feedback and look forward to you using our web platform extensively. With this in mind, we wish you much success in working with our Juniverse.

You can also watch our explanatory film about jUniverse. We hope you enjoy watching it.

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