Our process brochure goes into the next round.

After the success of our last process brochure, in which we worked with the JAMES process timelines for the first time, the brochure is now in its next edition.

The standard timelines were extended and adapted with new functions developed in the meantime. In addition to the processes of a regular visit process, the visit of external companies such as craftsmen, as well as the logistics process and the guest service, new workflows are now being added. Particularly noteworthy is the identity management, the workflow for visitor management in public authorities including the translation software JAMESlingo, and the topic of hot desking, which for the first time places the employee at the center of the process.

Of course, we have again made sure that the individual timelines offer plenty of space for your ideas and process specifications. You can use these as painting templates to sketch out your individual processes and discuss them with us.

The brochure: JAMES – visitor management redifined / “Establishing processes easily” is available for download here.

Here you can download the brochure “JAMES – Establishing processes easily”.