Overview of all appointments. This view can be customized. By default, a tabular overview is loaded with date, time, status, event and the invited visitors.

Basically, each user only sees his own appointments. However, James can also use hierarchies of an organization to view appointments from other taxes. Example: The team leader can see the appointments of his employees. The department manager can see all appointments of his team leaders and his teams, etc.

Overview of appointments

The status is displayed as a color code in the form of a flag.

The respective statistics can be as follows:

  1. Green: Date Approved
  2. Black: Appointment not approved
  3. Red: Date still requires approval and is under review

Further statuses can be extended via customizing. If invited guests have to submit confirmations up to a certain time before the appointment, this can also be displayed. This provides the user with an efficient overview of their appointments.

The appointment view can also be adjusted using filters. Further filters can be configured both system-wide and in the personal context. By default, appointments for “Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Week” are displayed. Using a calendar selection, appointments can be filtered at any time.

Please refer to the “Filters” section for information on how to configure other filters.

Detailed view