The Global Desk is a customized view of the appointments for the reception. This mask is optimized for touch workplaces to establish the fastest possible interaction with the system.

Main Global Desk view

The main view of the daily schedule is automatically reloaded every 5 minutes, so that newly entered appointments are promptly visible in the Global Desk. The view can of course be reloaded manually at any time.

Detail view Global Desk

As soon as an appointment is selected, the details appear at a glance. Who is coming, for what reason and are there any internal notes for the reception staff. In addition, the employee can see whether a arriving or departing checklist has been stored and therefore has to be passed through. Checklists can be used in JAMES to define standardized processes. A common example is the issue of safety clothing, helmets or instructions.

For more information about checklists, see the “Checklists” section of the System Manager documentation. The indication of whether checklists must be passed through is important for reception staff to the extent that resources or inventories must be planned.