IT Requirements / Quick Spec

In general the whole environment is built on a Linux based system. We can roll it out in three ways:

  • VMWare / HyperV based OVA ready to run appliance / image (
  • On our ready to run industrial hardware unit (
  • On a 3rd party provided server (we prefer HP Servers) with a bare metal installation
  • Optional: — our cloud based hosting environment

As soon as the JAMES services are up and running, James needs:

  • 443/tcp HTTPs Connection from Client to JAMES Server (this includes also the Outlook plugin)
  • 443/tcp HTTPs Connection from and to kiosk terminals to and from JAMES Server
  • 443/tcp HTTPs Connection from front desk Clients/Workers to JAMES Server
  • 389/tcp LDAP Active Directory connection for AD Based authentication for JAMES Users
  • 9100/tcp IPP for any kind of printer device for paper or plastic badges from JAMES Server to the Hardware Unit
  • 25/tcp SMTP for sending notifications from JAMES Server
  • Optional: 123/udp NTP for timekeeping
  • Optional: 161/tcp SNMP for monitoring

Beside from the outlook plugin, we transport HTML/JavaScript content only. These are the requirements for an internal system. The only outbound communication needed is the SMTP / email gateway for sending the invitations and notifications via email.Systems which offer an online portal need further configuration and intervention in the environment (DMZ, etc). This must be clarified separately with a system specialist from metaSEC and the end user IT department.