VoIP with Qt

Windows Client

Windows Client

All our applications use the Qt Framework and we searched a long time for a compatible SIP library and even requested it via Digia.

Parallel to the request, I decided to start researching and developing a solution myself and was surprised how quickly I reached a stable state with the PJSIP library.

My main project at work – „Midas„, makes heavy use of VoIP functionality including but not limited to simple calls between clients, muxing IP camera video streams into SIP video-calls and controlling door relays via DTMF.

Android Client

Android Client

In our view, this progress of having a stable way to use VoIP with Qt should not be kept internal, but shared with the Qt community!

Therefor I developed a simple cross-platform application called „MetaVoIP“. This application is available under GPLv2. The sourcecode package (including the wrappers, a sample client and a few pre-compiled libraries) is available below 🙂 For this project Qt 5.4.1 and PJSIP 2.4 were used.

In case you want to compile the PJSIP libraries yourself, please follow these guides.

Download: MetaVoIP

Feel free to use anything in the package, just remember to give proper credit 😉

For any questions regarding the code, bugreports or the like, feel free to contact me via df@metasec.de


Happy coding,

– Dominik