JAMES now also recognizes the digital proof of vaccination

Increase security with the QR code scan at the visitor kiosk

Increase the safety of your employees and visitors even more with the QR code scan at the kiosk terminal. Here it is now also possible to capture the digital vaccination certificate in the form of a QR code. JAMES automatically recognizes the valid digital vaccination certificate and gives the green light for the visit as soon as the correctness of the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” is confirmed. The QR code can be read conveniently from a smartphone (e.g., from the CovPass app of the RKI. To do this, the visitor simply has to hold it in front of the scanner. The JAMES software captures the vaccination certificate and returns the confirmation of validity in just a few seconds. Simple, secure and paperless. For more information on our JAMES processes specifically for the pandemic, please visit our website on the topic. Here you will find many wide options on how to use JAMES to ensure the path to digitalization and pandemic management for your company.