Configuration of the JAMES Appliance

Login via the console ( vm console/ putty / direct terminal on the hardware appliance )

Username: root

Password: metasec


Adjust network:

  • mcedit /etc/network/interfaces

Adjust passage with eth0 according to local conditions

allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Safe with [F10] and exit the editor.

  • mcedit /etc/resolv.conf
domain kunde.local
search kunde.local

Data according to local conditions. Press [F10] to save and exit the editor

  • mcedit /etc/hostname

Only the host name goes here. Not the FQDN! Safe using [F10] and exit the editor.

  • mcedit /etc/hosts localhost rechnername.kunde.local rechnername

Save with [F10] and exit the editor

Reboot system with

init 6

Wait for reboot until the system is online again. System ping via IP

Create an entry in the DNS system for the selected ip. System ping via the newly created DNS name [e.g. computername.customer.local ].

cd /opt/metasec_james
ln -s demo.webdev.local computername.customer.local
ln -s demo.webdev.local IP_VOM_SYSTEM

Thus the demo client can be reached via the DNS name