James system structure

The system consists of four portals:

  1. The host portal for managing invitations and all related workflows
  2. The so-called Global Desk for the employee at reception
  3. The visitor portal for the guests. Here they can view their appointments, download documents or upload them after processing (signature, stamp).
  4. The System Manager for all global settings

In internal operation only the first two portals are required. Access is protected by a login and also controls the respective data access and range of functions.

The users for the host portal must either be created in the system portal or, if an Active Directory connector is used, they must be enabled via the AD.

The users for the visitor portal are generated automatically and consist of the guest’s email as user name and an automatically generated password. The guest can change the password. The guest users are only created once in the system and are used for recurring appointments.

The respective portals are optimized to reach their goal with as few clicks as possible.

In most cases, both the appearance of the masks and the processes can be adapted and changed in customizing.