Venture into digital visitor management now – with the metaSEC Self Check-in Kiosk

At the beginning of the new year, we have extended our offer from December. With our Self Check-in Kiosk, you can now easily get started with digital visitor management. The offer includes the hardware as well as the hosting of our visitor management software JAMES for two years.

Functions such as a multilingual check-in process, logged visitor lists and the issuing or training of safety instructions increase security and support you in a privacy-compliant visit process.

The hardware is designed to require minimal setup time and can be configured in just a few steps. The integrated printer provides for the output of visitor badges, which can also be directly provided with a photo of the visitor with the help of the built-in camera.

These and many other functions are available to you with our exclusive offer. The promotion ends on 31.01.2021!

You can get all further information about the exclusive offer here!

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