Projects in times of Corona: First completely remotely installed visitor management system

The company Profol Greiz GmbH is a manufacturer in the field of foil with several locations in Germany as well as worldwide. The location in Greiz-Gommla is now the first with our visitor management JAMES as well as our in-house kiosk system for the reception area. Here, our visitor management software relieves the staffed reception and provides a certain autonomy for the visitors through the self-registration function. Visitors as well as contractors, craftsmen and even employees can register themselves by entering their data at the kiosk terminal and complete instructions.

Communication takes place in both German and English. The intercom function of the terminal can also be used to communicate directly with the host, who in turn is able to open the door to the waiting area for the guest via telephone keypad.

The special thing about the project for us was that this was the first time we had put everything into operation completely remotely. In times of Corona, this is a necessary way of handling projects. However, the cooperation with the customer’s IT ran very smoothly here and resulted in both us and the customer being very satisfied with the overall result of the project.

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