Mobile Frame


  • Menu structure (hierarchically)
  • Polling of app content from the server
  • Initiating a call
  • Transfer of GPS coordinates
  • Access to built-in camera (still image and stream / Front | Rear)
  • server-side controlled access policies (ACLs)
  • Remote shutdown in case of loss
  • SIP Stack (Audio and Video)
  • Interfacing with third-party applications (Webview)


The increasing demand of mobile applications in everyday processes is an ever increasing trend – also in the security industry, this need is felt. These include but are not limited to access to cameras, intercoms or switching contacts. Access to information or processes should be safely and easily accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Each of these criteria is complex and costly to implement. As a technology and solutions provider in the field of partial or complete industry compliant solutions, we meet this challenge with the product »mobile frame«. The idea behind the mobile frames is to create a cross-platform, standards-based environment for any kind of mobile devices.

The communication between the mobile terminal and the server is managed via a defined API. The actual implementation of the proprietary processes takes place only on the client, which interacts with the operating system. For example: building menus with stored functions, transmission of GPS coordinates or initiating a call.

The highlight: The server application (middleware) does not care with which terminal platform to communicate. The concept is rounded by a very strict and fine security model. Each unit is managed and controlled by its own policy. In case of loss of the mobile device, the app can be deleted remotely.

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