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Quickly established software processes, a connection to existing hardware and software and a clear monthly cost structure – process management has never been easier than with our JAMES SaaS concept.

Process management as a rental platform in cloud hosting

Logo_JamesEliminate hardware that needs to be maintained by your IT and outsource the hosting of your software securely and conveniently. In addition, take advantage of all the benefits of cloud-based process and data management and the many possibilities offered by JAMES, such as the use of employee-owned hardware (bring your own device) for certain processes.

For questions regarding the field of application and the functional scope of a hosted solution, please contact us.


In order to be able to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, a connection to already existing and very different hardware and software is naturally required. Therefore, we attached great importance to the highest possible degree of flexibility in the development of our process management system.

Browser-based visitor management software for managing all visitor processes

Online platform for visitors for independent registration, appointment management and upload of documents in advance, etc.

Outlook Plugin for a simple, Office compliant workflow

Connection to Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication and synchronization of
Users and groups

Web app for visitor pre-registration via mobile devices. Visitors can register from anywhere and from any device.

Responsive web design can be used on all end devices

Kiosk systems for autonomous reception / as digital gatekeeper (self check-in, information and visitor panels)

Data protection conformity (GDPR) for your business processes – without clipboard and Excel tables

Central data storage: Customers with distributed offices can host JAMES centrally and make it available to all users

Adhoc implementation of visitor processes tailored to your requirements and needs

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud: You can choose between different hosting options for JAMES – according to your individual needs or your IT policy

Full cost control at any time through transparent rental model

The JAMES principle: Software as a service.

Our rental and hosting platform allows a quick start into visitor management. Not only do you save costs in the acquisition of licenses and hardware, but you can also establish new processes agilely and without much lead time. Visitors are able to register themselves via the online platform or complete training and instruction before their visit. This saves time and relieves your reception desk.

The cloud-based approach allows users with distributed branches to host JAMES centrally and make them available to all users. This allows you to manage and coordinate appointments centrally. No matter whether public, private or hybrid – depending on your individual needs or your IT policy, there are various options available to you. Our transparent rental model gives you full cost control at all times.

For security reasons, some functions are only available in on-premise operation. Unfortunately, the license categories Enterprise and Project are not available here. These are not designed for use in hosting, as the requirements for such systems require use on hardware or in the customer’s infrastructure. Of course, migration from the cloud to an on-premise installation is possible at any time. If you have any questions, please contact our sales or support team.