Numerous guests at the first Skills and Grills event in Wuppertal

Several guests, especially from the Gölzner company, accepted our invitation and joined us in the culinary school Genusskunst Wuppertal to enjoy delicious food, do some networking and barbecue.

We were invited to the Technology Roadshow in cooperation with Keyprocessor, Aasset and Simons Voss.

After introductory words, there was a short and informative presentation on the topics of visitor management, access control and digitization of security processes. Subsequently, topics were discussed in depth and individual solutions discussed.

The highlight for all participants was of course the barbecue with the Weber Grill Academy. The adept chef gave instructions and information on the 3-course menu which was prepared in cooperation with all guests.

At the final dinner conversations could be deepened further and the evening could be duly ended. A successful event, which we will be repeating in this kind.