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JAMES Process Management: Digital Processes in the pandemic

The Corona crisis is a vivid reminder of how unprepared a company has been to face such a challenge.

How can we take precautions and establish processes that take effect in an emergency? How can the digitization of visit processes ensure that the transmission of dangerous pathogens is slowed down or avoided and damage to people and companies is averted?

On our new website we would like to show you which solutions JAMES has ready to meet these and other challenges of the pandemic. There is a lot to discover! In addition to useful functions for visitor and identity management, JAMES also has a number of things in store to drive digitization forward. After all, after the pandemic is before the pandemic. It is therefore important to see the challenges as opportunities and to take the step toward digital transformation now.

You can also use our Self Assessment. This will enable you to determine your process-related deficits and work with us to develop individual approaches for new and better digital processes.

If you have any questions about our products and solutions, just contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the many ways to make your business processes crisis-proof and fit for future challenges.

Pandemiemanagement mit JAMES Prozessmanagement