Our process brochure for 2023: Even more processes for your business

Processe managementIn the meantime, it is impossible to imagine our sales work without it: Our process brochure “Processes close to people”. Here you will find all the process timelines that we have developed for a wide variety of business models and vertical markets.

The standard timelines have been extended and adapted over time. In addition to the processes of a regular visit process, the contractor management, as well as the logistics process and the guest service, new workflows have now been added. Particularly noteworthy is the identity management for critical infrastructure (such as in data centers), the identity management at the airport or the resource management in the area of a nuclear power plant. In addition, there are also process examples for desk sharing, visitor management in public authorities and schools, and for alerting and evacuation, e.g. on a factory site.

Of course, we have again made sure that the individual timelines offer plenty of space for your ideas and process specifications. You can use them as painting templates to sketch your individual processes and discuss them with us. You are also welcome to use our configuration platform, the Juniverse, to configure your own individual process. To do this, the system will guide you through a questionnaire, at the end of which you will have a finished process on the basis of which we can create a customized quote for you. In addition, the software will also help you select the necessary JAMES modules that are relevant to your process.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to advise you!

Download the brochure “JAMES – Processes close to the people” here.