PSN – Active Directory Connector


  • Timed automatic imports
  • Manual imports
  • Import reports via e – mail
  • Individual processing scripte
  • Customizable AD – SecureNet field assignment

The metaSEC PSN Active Directory Connector is an add-on for the Stanley PAC SecureNet and delivers a solution for synchronizing the keyholder database with the central user database in Microsoft Windows based network.

User management can be a very complex and time consuming task. This redundant and error-prone work even compels administrators to support at least two different databases.

With the metaSEC AD Connector for SecureNet, we help the administrative user with a comfortable solution to only maintain one single database and only create user profiles one time. With templates, data between Active Directory and SecureNet can easily be exchanged in both directions and kept up-to-date.

Imports may be started either automatic or manual. Automatic imports have the option to report all important changes to the administrator. A full functioning Stanley PAC SecureNet installation with unlocked OEM Interface is required.