PSN – Janus Mobile App


  • Management of:
    • Doors
    • Areas
    • Alarms
    • Access policies
  • Control of relays
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Central policy management for mobile devices

The »JANUS Mobile App« is our reference implementation from both worlds – Stanley PAC SecureNet and metaSEC MIDAS.

JANUS supports every feature which the SecureNet OEM Interface has to offer, and combines them with MIDAS representation – and communication functions.

JANUS currently supports the following SecureNET functions:

  • Arm / Disarm Areas
  • Arm / Disarm Doors
  • Open / Unlock Doors
  • Relays Control
  • Notification and management of Alarms
  • Search, manage and edit Keyholders
    • Name/Firstname
    • TImeprofile
    • Notification via email, SMS, phone
    • Enable/Disable

Well-known MIDAS functions like its server-side management of security policies, push-notifications or the SIP client are already implemented. Furthermore any useful combination from both worlds can easily be integrated to enhance security or other benefits for the user.

Some example combinations may be:

  • Location based functions (GPS/WiFi tracking)
  • 2-Way-Authentication for doors (Access token + App Verification/NFC Tag)
  • Alarm notification for mobile security guards
  • Separate runtime procedures for  special alarms with acknowledgment (emergency exit, etc.)

JANUS supports tablets, smartphones and high-end desktop phones. (Android, iOS, WinRT).

JANUS is an excellent assistant for security guards and similar staff. Alarms can be quickly qualified to deliver a basis for further decisions.