We are pleased to present another module of our visit management JAMES. JAMESlingo is the latest child of the metaSEC product family and is already supporting customers in the delivery and collection processes at the gate.

JAMESlingo is essentially a speech recognition software that is able to translate spoken or written conversations into the respective country language. For example, a supplier speaks at the gate in Polish in the terminal and at the doorman, this is displayed directly in German or alternatively also announced. Of course, the whole thing also works in the other direction. In this way, language barriers can be simply bridged – which in particular leads to a streamlining of the processes in logistics.

If you want to know more about JAMESlingo, check out the product page or download the data sheet. And as always: If you have questions about our products or are interested in an individual solution, please contact us!

How does JAMESlingo work?

In order to make the communication as simple as possible, we designed JAMESlingo with great emphasis on a clear and functional design. Large buttons, flexible font sizes and a clear interface promise simple handling. On the large touch screen, which is standard at our terminals, you enter text via touchscreen keyboard or spoken via microphone, the translation only takes fractions of a second. With already 10 supported languages and good word recognition, nothing stands in the way of communication, e.g. between a foreign supplier and the staff at the gate.


Supplier selects country language


Supplier starts communication (spoken or via text input)


Porter answers (spoken or via text input)


Supplier receives instructions (via language or text)