The JAMES Demo Kiosk: Test visitor management free of charge and without obligation

The JAMES demo kiosk: Test visitor management free of charge and without obligation for reception, security briefings or as a digital gatekeeper!

The JAMES Shop! Visitor and process management store online

The JAMES Shop! Especially for visitor and process management. Quickly and easily self check-in kiosk, wall kiosk, refurbished kiosk store online!

Digitization offer: Kiosk incl. software and hosting

The digitization offer for everyone: save costs with the digital reception kiosk incl. JAMES software and hosting for 36 months.

JHWS21L: Ergonomic kiosk for self check-in

Ergonomic kiosk for self check-in of visitors and contractors (visitor management) and Corona rules (pandemic management)

New landing page: Digital strategies for the automotive industry

Are you prepared for TISAX, ISO 27001 and Co? Process Management JAMES offers digital strategies for the automotive industry. You will find all the information you need on our new landing page at

New at the Self Service Kiosk: Barrier-free process thanks to “High Contrast” mode

What does an Barrier-free process look like with JAMES? Learn more about the inclusive features like the “High Contrast” mode and many other…

Visitor management for Profol Greiz GmbH

metaWIKI: New training video online