JAMES – visitor management software for your individual process

Visitors are not the same as visitors – a circumstance that we take into account with our visitor management system. This is shown, for example, by the fact that we can represent the processes of occupied / unoccupied reception as well as of a receipt of goods with James. Furthermore, the visitors process begins with JAMES well before the guest arrives and ends long after his departure. Upstream and downstream functions e.g. the parking space, the booking of rooms and resources or the booking of cost centers after the meeting, will help you plan the visit and make important evaluations in the follow-up.

In addition to the connection of JAMES to many common access control systems (eg Stanley / PAC, Lenel, Siport / Siemens), the integration of document scanners is also a special security feature. This allows international, official documents to be checked for authenticity and, if necessary, can also be matched with corresponding databases. This ensures that your visitor is also the one who pretends to be. In addition, you can save a lot of time on your reception staff. The read-out of the documents saves typing, as well as possible typing errors e.g. in the names of your visitors.

By integrating our systems seamlessly, integration of our alarm server ROGER is another decisive feature. The weakest link in an alerting chain is the visitor, who is not familiar with the terrain. Through the interlinking of access control, visitor management and alarm server, you always have an overview of the persons on your premises and can quickly reach them and evacuate them in the event of an alarm.

JAMES – thought through visitor management

Of course, all basic functions, such as the self check-in (including kiosksystem), the printing of visitor IDs and the sending and scheduling of appointments, are integrated into JAMES. In addition, the software also offers the possibility to plan so-called workflows. For example, this may be the preparation for setting up a room or the red carpet that must be located during the visit of the management. With JAMES, you can not only process the visitor process, but also streamline, control and manage all other processes that are involved.

You can find more information on this and on the JAMES product page. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about JAMES as a visitor management, please contact us! We look forward to your inquiry!

Download the current JAMES brochure here.